Quick Relaxation HEALTHDOCTOR

Your problems that cannot say to others. Leave it to the savior of modern people “healthdoctor”. Sleep, temperature, posture, stress is a keyword of beauty care and health living!

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Power of Far Infrared Radiation

Far infrared radiation with four times the mass heating system equipped, "Healthdoctor" health sauna Broke the traditional sense of a sauna. PATENTED INVENTION NUMBER 10-1238334

Power of FIR Health Sauna

Just sit and come true! “Health doctor” is the savior of modern people. "chill is the cause of all kinds of illnesses" Now, won’t you perfectly walk off from the “chill”?


Sleep, temperature, posture, and stress affects our beauty care and health living, in global period. just sit and come true, the savior of modern people “health doctor” “chill” is over! Breaking concept’s of existing sauna totally “health doctor!” without cumbersome dressing, water supply use ok!


"HealthDoctor" will be exhibited at the Spa & Wellness Japan 2013 exhibition. The 4th Spa & wellness Japan will be held under the slogans of“ Creation of Japanese spas” and“ Spas as part of our daily lives” .

We provide "Quick Relaxation" to all of you. We expel "the cold" that is said as for "the thing of all sorts of disease" well by savior "Healthdoctor" of modern people. And we support your beauty and healthy life.